Hi! I’m Julia and I draw & paint

I’ve been doodling and sketching as long as I can remember, but during Uni I found life made it harder and harder to find the time for art. I tried different approaches to get back into drawing, like diary sketching, watercolours and other media; I half-heartedly applied to a design school and when I didn’t get in thought this was probably it.

I’d also tried digital art early on with a really old Wacom bamboo tablet and was always interested in picking this up again. In 2017 I finally decided “why the heck not” and bought a new Intuos and began livestreaming my attempts to get back into drawing regularly. I basically used the weekly time slot as my non-negotiable drawing time and it worked. Since then, “doodlejule” evolved into a lovely little community, a Patreon page, a Discord server and by now, a bigger screen tablet that has really improved my workflow.

Plans for the future include: perhaps an additional streaming slot or more variety of twitch streams, a print shop or similar, and much, much more drawing. Thanks for being along for the ride!